Kingsman: The Secret Service


Matthew Vaughn delivers a slick and slightly misbehaving piece of mainstream entertainment in Kingsman, an homage to everyone’s favorite spy. This rude romp embraces all the wackiest aspects of the Bond series while lovingly abusing it at the same time. 

Kingsman is a super-secret organization of smartly dressed British spies. Like Bond, they are highly skilled at bagging baddies. Little focus is placed on bedding babes, but the princess eventually gets it in the end. The film also throws down a colourful supervillain (Samuel L. Jackson) with a dastardly plot. Jackson plays a psycho dot com billionaire with a lisp. Yeth, a lithp.


The story begins when a Kingsman is killed early on in the first act, so there’s a job opening for a new recruit. Colin Firth’s sporty and winsome character picks up low class Eggy (Taron Egerton) to fill the gadget shoes.


Kingsman is good, sick, maniacal fun with a high body count. In one blood-soaked scene, Firth brutally murders more people in a church than the Bride (Uma Thurman) puts down at the House of Blue Leaves in Kill Bill Vol. 2.


The film teeters on the edge of graphic novel subversion and goofy offensiveness. If you have a hankering for dark and perverse humour, buy a ticket. I can’t recommend this cheeky spy flick enough.